Important information about your STICKFX Product:

-STICKFX is recommended for adults and children over 12 years old.
-If you have sensitive skin and experience discomfort while wearing STICKFX, this product is not for you. Discontinue use immediately.
-If you have allergies to silicone products – this product is not for you.
-STICKFX is not for use on animals. This is a product for humans.
-Do not stick your STICKFX product on surfaces that have makeup, dirt, debris, hair, lint etc. as these will adhere to adhesive side and interfere with stickiness.
-STICKFX is designed to stick to skin or hard, smooth plastic surfaces. Don’t stick to or store on clothing, fabric, paper, etc.
-Don’t obstruct breathing passages.
-Don’t eat or ingest your STICKFX product. They are neither edible nor tasty.
-Although they would look very cool in it, please keep products and packaging away from small children and pets.

How do I apply my STICKFX mask?

Remove all makeup.

  1. Thoroughly clean skin with soap/water, rubbing alcohol or astringent. Dry completely.

**if skin is NOT thoroughly cleaned and dried, STICKFX will NOT stick**

  1. Open product/remove product from plastic backing.

-Be sure to keep adhesive side free from dirt and debris.

  1. Lightly place product in desired position.

-Product can be easily removed and repositioned – even on areas with hair!

  1. Press firmly working from center outwards.

-Additional makeup or blood can be applied for desired effect!!

  1. Enjoy being the hit of the party.

How do I remove my STICKFX mask?

  1. Gently peel away product from skin.
  2. Clean skin area with soap and water or baby wipes if needed.
  3. Use alcohol pads or Dawn dish soap and water to clean adhesive side of product .**Do not clean glitter side of sparkly products.**

-Be sure to clean all dirt, debris, hair, etc from adhesive side for optimum re-adhesion.
-Ensure product is completely dry before re-applying 

  1. Place product back on plastic backing and store in re-sealable plastic bag 

Why isn’t my STICKFX sticking?

-Did you clean your skin THROUGHLY with soap/water or alcohol pads before applying?
-Is your skin 100% dry? Are you sweating? Is your STICKFX 100% dry? Wet skin or wet product = no sticky.
-Did you thoroughly clean the sticky side of product with rubbing alcohol/ soap and water? Is there a bunch of dirt or debris sticking to the sticky side?
-If you still can’t get your product to stick:

  1. You are not a human. Which means you are not authorized to use this product.
  2. It’s time for a brand new STICKFX product – congrats and be sure to visit our website for all our cool new products!

Help, I’m wearing my STICKFX and I’m NOT the life of the party!!!

-Re-apply your STICKFX, sing a Dr.Dre song for karaoke, don’t order the salad. Peel. Stick. Then PARTY!